Membership fees

Please note: Membership fees are once off and not paid monthly / instalments. Limited offer on all membership fee packages.

It is not about the job or position one holds or amount of degrees per se. Rather it is on an intellectual level that members communicate. A Professional / Executive person who holds a senior position might prefer (in a relationship / marriage situation)to communicate with their partner with similar tertiary background / professionalism. One just needs to be practically minded. Of course it is a member’s choice to decide which package they are comfortable with

We are not an Online/Internet dating site, thus, we do not offer 1/2/3 months membership.
Meeting someone special in such a short space of time would seldom work and is therefore impractical.
Building up a solid foundation of friendship takes time and effort.

Offering a three or more days free package deal does also not work for an Introduction Service. Trust us! Experience in this regard more than qualifies us to make such observations.
Free membership could attract the calibre of person or persons who seek out “freebies”  and therefore it might suggest that perhaps, that type of individual, looking for a free ride, is not the characteristic of the type of person that you would like to meet.

Free membership could also imply that a dating site is new and requires members (and once apparent membership has grown in numbers, thereafter that website might start charging a membership fee) or that particular dating site is under one umbrella with different divisions and just “collecting” members to look impressive with quantity. Research shows however, that not all members of these Online dating sites are active.
Numbers impress – not true! Quality is more important than quantity.

The cheapest is not always the best.
Besides, you get what you pay for!


£75 12 months membership

GOLD  package:

Across the board Introductions – including:  Middle Management, Administration, IT, Secretarial, Ministry, Civil Service and Artisans which include e.g. Electricians, Firemen, Mechanics, Plumbers etc).

£75 (once off) valid for 12 months membership.


£116 12 months membership

DIAMOND package:

Top Level Professional Introductions: DIAMOND Members shall be entitled to Exclusive introductions i.e. to other Unattached Business Executives / Professional Committed (born-again) Christians. We will not overlook Middle Management.

£116 (once off) valid for 12 months membership.

DIAMOND package entitles the Member to the following:

Membership would be extended free of charge for a further three (3) to six (6) months. Duration is Member’s choice and timeline open to change at said Member’s convenience.

So what are you paying for?

In essence – we offer and provide:

  • Personalised service and not Computerised service!
  • One-on-One interaction with the Facilitators as well as members and not via the Website.
  • Once we have received your membership form, we will compile and create your profile which we will email back to you.
  • You welcome to tweak it and resend it.
  • Once you happy with your profile, and are ready for the next exciting chapter of your life, you activate your membership by choosing one of the membership fee packages.
  • Best form of communication is via email.
  • Perspective members as well as active members are also most welcome to call, text or WhatsApp us.
  • Regular feedback (at least monthly) from Members is vital for the way forward.
  • We would call or Whatsapp you too for a chat.
  • Photos are included with profiles and are updated regularly by each member.
  • We are on hand to make a difference in your lives and walk this part of your journey with you.
  • For the duration of your membership, we will prayerfully and carefully select profiles which we email you on a monthly basis.
  • We endeavour to put you in touch with the type of person that you would like to meet.
  • Encourage and motivate you.
  • Pray for and with you.
  • Find your dream partner through us. Ultimately enjoying life together in the fullness of God.
  • You could be one of our “happily ever after” members.
  • We aim to make the difference!
  • We are passionate about serving Christian singles.

Banking details provided in our Standard Letter One which you will receive once you have submitted your completed Registration /Membership Form.