Terms & Conditions of Membership

The TRINITY CHRISTIAN INTRODUCTION SERVICE/AGENCY Membership Agreement describes and sets out the Terms and Conditions of this personalised one-on-one Christian Introduction/Dating Service/Agency.

Exclusive to unattached Committed (born-again) Christian men and women, (divorced, widowed or not yet married), who are looking for a relationship, love, romance and yes, even marriage!

To this end, kindly adhere to the following:

  1. To register and thus apply for membership to become an active member of Trinity Christian Introductions, all persons should be eighteen (18) years or older to participate.
  2. Registration to Trinity Christian Introductions is free.
  3. To register for free, the Trinity Christian Introductions Membership Form should be completed in full as required.
  4. Persons who have registered for membership with Trinity Christian Introductions, are referred to as Applicants.
  5. Thereafter, an Applicant who has subscribed/joined (by paying a membership fee) and thus joined as an active member of Trinity Christian Introductions, said Applicant would then be addressed and referred to as a Member of Trinity Christian Introductions.
  6. If for any reason, the Facilitators of Trinity Christian Introductions do not hear from an Applicant in any form or manner.     i.e.
  • The said Applicant does not subscribe (by paying a membership fee)
  • which would thus enable the Applicant to become an Active Member of Trinity Christian Introductions
  • and receive profiles (introductions to other members)
  • application for membership would then become null and void.
  • Thereafter, the Membership form is transferred to archives and profile and photographs deleted from the system (i.e. “pending” data base).
  1. The waiting period is twenty (20) days before an inactive Membership form is transferred to archives and profile and photograph are deleted.
  2. Should the Facilitators of Trinity Christian Introductions be notified in writing (via email) of any delay in an Applicant activating their membership (paying a membership fee), the Facilitators would then act accordingly.
  3. Registration does not entitle Applicants to receive profiles of other members. Only Registered Applicants who have subscribed (and settled membership fee in full) and thus become active Members of Trinity Christian Introductions will be entitled to receive profiles (introductions) to other members of Trinity Christian Introductions.
  4. Membership to Trinity Christian Introductions is reserved exclusively for unmarried Committed (born-again) Christians only (i.e. divorced / widowed / not yet married).
  5. Married, separated or engaged individuals are not permitted to join Trinity Christian Introductions under any circumstances whatsoever. Singles only.
  6. Trinity Christian Introductions Membership fees are not refundable or transferable for any reason whatsoever.
  7. There are two (2) packages offered to become a Member of Trinity Christian Introductions.
  8. The duration of each membership is dependent on the package chosen :
  • Once a membership is activated (i.e. membership subscription fee is settled in full), said membership will commence for the duration of membership. i.e. A member should (commence) receiving profiles.
  • However, after settling membership fee, if said member requests to hold back on receiving profiles for any reason, three (3) months grace is permitted and duration (date) will only commence once the grace period has expired.
  • If a further grace period is requested, this will be at the discretion of the Facilitators.
  1. The Membership fee is payable before contact names/profiles are provided.
  2. Membership fees must be settled in full. Instalments just create more administration.
  3. All information provided on the Membership form is strictly confidential. We never divulge member’s home addresses/work address/landline/mobile number. Only certain information will be provided to fellow members.
  4. Members are welcome to edit their own profiles, however, the Facilitators of Trinity Christian Introductions, do reserve the right to re-edit/shorten/amend profiles.
  5. The Facilitators of Trinity Christian Introductions, reserve the right to check an Applicant’s/ Member’s authenticity (as far as possible), (including, but not limited to) on any Social Media platform.  Having said the latter …
  • The Facilitators of Trinity Christian Introductions are not responsible for investigating individuals (i.e. reference checks) and therefore, make no representation as to their character.
  1. The Facilitators of Trinity Christian Introductions assume that all Applicants/Members are Committed (born-again) Christians with a basic belief based on John 3:16 (For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have Eternal Life).
  2. To avoid possible gossip and slander, Members are requested not to discuss (with other members) details of who they have met previously, how many people they have met thus far or similar. If questions of this nature are put to you simply change the subject. The Bible is clear and speaks against gossip and slander which can bring dissention into the Body of Christ. Let’s make a difference : Because we are different!
  3. Regret cheques are not acceptable. For security reasons, kindly do not send cheque/money order or similar through the mail (land post).
  4. Upon joining/subscribing, the Facilitators of Trinity Christian Introductions provide (via email) profiles of select members as close to Member’s specifications as possible and thereafter Members are kindly requested to contact the Facilitators monthly for further profiles (introductions). Thus you will be updated regularly with profiles.
  5. The onus is on all Members to personally keep in touch with the Facilitators of Trinity Christian Introductions on a regular basis requesting profiles, simultaneously providing feedback.
  • To this end, for record purposes, kindly email Facilitators for further profiles. Text/WhatsApp messages (profile requests) are not permitted.
  • All Members can also expect to receive contact from other Members, thus when receiving profiles, the Facilitators urge Members to make contact soonest.
  1. Profiles include name, age, marital status, occupation, height, church group, hobbies/interests/sport, About me(brief description of your character/personality) as well as who you trusting God for, area you reside and email address.
  2. There is no limit as to the amount of profiles Members receive at any given time.
  3. Trinity Christian Introductions, its Leaders/Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates will under no circumstances become embroiled in any kind of dispute over any member’s race / colour / ethnicity choice or preference. It is every member’s constitutional right to chose whom so ever they wish and whilst Trinity Christian Introductions,  its Leaders/Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates may or may not agree with such a choice / preference : Trinity Christian Introductions,  its Leaders/Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates will not be held responsible in any way should any member or members request a particular race / colour / ethnicity of another member.
  4. Please note that Trinity Christian Introductions is not a marriage bureau and therefore the Facilitators of Trinity Christian Introductions cannot be held responsible if Members do not meet their “soul mate”!
  • To this end, anything more than friendship will be a bonus from God!
  • Furthermore, the Facilitators will not be held responsible in the event of any other Member not connecting/communicating/ceases communication with another Member for whatever reason.
  • Membership is continually on the increase, and therefore we believe there is somebody for everyone.
  • Please be patient!!
  • In the (unlikely) event of a Member not connecting with any other Member (including whose profile(s) they may have received) during duration of their membership, (including but not limited to) via email/WhatsApp/telephonically/one-on-one or by any other means; the Facilitators will gladly extend membership (at their discretion) Free of Charge.
  1. Best form of communication is to e-mail us, however, members are welcome to call /text/WhatsApp (the latter excludes Profile Requests).
  • Kindly note: Hours (to contact) are strictly(unless urgent)  Monday to Saturday 09h00-21h00.
  1. We reserve the right to terminate membership at anytime, should any member be found to be married, separated, engaged, dishonest in supplying wrong information on the Membership form or whose conduct we find unbecoming or unethical. Membership fees are not refundable.
  2. As mature Christians we are all aware of the biblical principals regarding relationships, therefore please do not embark on anything that could harm the Body of Christ.
  3. When contacting another member and a meeting is arranged between two parties, if for some reason the appointment cannot be kept, the other party must be notified accordingly and as soon as possible, so as to prevent any inconvenience or embarrassment. Members are personally responsible for making and cancelling appointments; therefore we urge members to have contact numbers on hand.
  4. In the interest of “responsible security” : Members first meeting should take place in public / neutral surroundings (including, but not limited to) a restaurant / coffee shop.
  5. Personal details of members are exclusive and confidential and should not be, under any circumstances, provided to non members (including, but not limited to) friends, family, colleagues).
  6. Should any member meet someone special through Trinity Christian Introductions and request their membership to be placed “on hold”, both parties must personally inform (via email) this service/agency soonest and if for any other reason members wish to be placed “on hold” the same would apply. Including if members meet someone outside of Trinity Christian Introductions or are away on holiday/business for a lengthy period of time. Members may re-instate their membership at any time during duration of membership or are welcome to re-join (if their membership date has expired). Kindly notify us accordingly (via email). Once you have signed up as a member there are no refunds of membership fees.
  7. It is imperative that members inform Trinity Christian Introductions soonest of their request to be placed on hold for any reason, especially if members meet someone through the service/agency or even if it is not anyone through Trinity Christian Introductions, to avoid any embarrassment for the person (i.e. a member) who may have been given another members profile by the Facilitators. Remember, for some people (in particular some ladies, even men who are shy!) it is difficult enough to initiate first contact by emailing a member . Now imagine how that person feels when they are told ”Sorry I have met someone!” Please make our job easier by adhering to this simple, but all important request and inform us of your availability/non availability.
  8. Should members request to reinstate their membership, duration of membership will commence for the remaining time i.e. date subscribed (date of joining).
  9. Please notify us accordingly of any changes (including, but not limited to) email address/mobile numbers.
  10. We will do all in our power to maintain your privacy and anonymity whilst utilising our service/agency. However, you acknowledge the following:
  11. We cannot ensure the security or privacy of any information you provide through the Internet from the efforts of determined hackers or crackers who may or may not be members of our Service. Having said this, we are not internet dating and the possibility of hackers getting through our system and obtaining your information is unlikely. Our security system is of the highest standard. In any event once membership forms are submitted, they are downloaded and forms are transferred to a special folder.
  12. We cannot protect you from yourself, if you should disclose any private information with other members.
  13. We may include links to other sites or resources on the World Wide Web from our Service. We are not responsible for availability or content of such links. Having said this, the likelihood of linking with other sites would be done with extreme caution and research.
  14. We are not responsible for any damage (monetary, physical, or psychological), (including, but not limited to), direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages, resulting from your use of the Service. We disclaim responsibility from any damage from any cause, (including, but not limited to), computer viruses, worms, “Trojan horses” or other destructive software. We also disclaim responsibility for any damage of any sort caused by other subscribers/members whether in content of their messages or in person. In no event will we be responsible for damages resulting from your inability to access the Service.
  15. You agree NOT use this Service to engage in solicitation for commercial activities or sexual activities or any other activity other than for its intended purpose..
  16. If you choose to terminate membership at any stage, please email us admin@trinityintroductions.co.uk and in the Subject line type cancellation of membership, and in body of email please state reason. Kindly do not text (SMS) or WhatsApp us of your intention to withdraw/cancel/resign. You will continue to have membership until your membership expires. If you cancel your membership for any reason, we will not refund any prepaid fees, regardless of whether you give us notice to cancel your membership or not.
  17. You agree to indemnify Trinity Christian Introductions, its Leaders / Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates harmless from any claims of damage resulting from any introduction, including (but not limited to) being held responsible or liable for any problems that may arise from friendships or relationships formed and thus indemnifies itself against any such incidents. Trinity Christian Introductions, its Leaders / Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates, will not be liable for anylegal fees under any circumstances.
  18. Trinity Christian Introductions, its Leaders/Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates will NOT in any way whatsoever, be held responsible should a third party jokingly/in jest/seriously or for any other reason “apply” for membership without the prior knowledge/on behalf of another party/person. Even if the third party settles the membership fee without the prior knowledge/on behalf of another party/person and this person declines membership – the onus is on said person/party to take action with the third party: Trinity Christian Introductions, its Leaders/Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates will not be held responsible or liable in anyway whatsoever. Membership fees will NOT be refundable or transferable. Furthermore, Trinity Christian Introductions, its Leaders/Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates will not be responsible or liable for any legal costs that might incur.
  19. Members do not necessarily have to own a personal computer or laptop, in order to be a member, including gaining internet access via their mobile phone or any other type of device. Utilising your private office email, someone else’s personal computer/laptop or internet cafe is perfectly acceptable, however, in the interest of confidentiality, members are requested to create their own password and personal email address, and not utilise another person’s password and/or email address.
  20. It is vital that we operate this service according to a Code of Conduct (i.e. Terms and Conditions) and thus it is our desire to uphold this service to the best of our ability (according) to Christian principles (which is why we ask certain questions on the form!).
  21. Members agree to take every precaution when meeting individuals through this service / agency.
  22. The Facilitators may modify this Agreement at any time at their sole option and discretion. We will notify you of changes by posting them on our website or posting you a direct email, at our sole option and discretion. Your sole option shall be to accept such modifications or to discontinue using our service / agency.
  23. By joining you understand that you become a Member of Trinity Christian Introductions – a personalised one-on-one Christian Introduction/Dating Service and not a member of the site per se.
  24. Active members will receive an extra free month of membership for every referral i.e. For every person who registers with Trinity Christian Introductions, activates their membership by paying a Membership fee and thereafter receives profiles of other members.
  25. You agree to abide by all the Terms and Conditions listed in this document in order to become and to remain an authorised member of Trinity Christian Introductions.
  26. Furthermore, you agree with our Statement of Faith (as stated on the Trinity Christian Introductions website) and you endeavour to live by Biblical standards.
  27. Trinity Christian Introductions, its Leaders / Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates, reserve the right to decline membership if applicant does not adhere to our Code of Conduct or Statement of Faith.
  28. According to the Data Protection Act, you understand and thus agree, that your personal information (marked with ) will be treated in the strictest confidence.
  29. You, therefore, permit Trinity Christian Introductions, its Leaders/Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates to utilise this information to form part of your profile for potential matchmaking only and not for any other reason or purpose whatsoever.
  30. Furthermore, you understand and thus agree, that all your personal information (not marked with ) will be treated in the strictest confidence and is purely for records, administrative and security purposes for Trinity Christian Introductions, its Leaders/Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates and not for publication (including, but not limited to) social media platforms, soliciting or advertising in any form or manner or provided to any person or institution/company for their personal use or gain.
  31. To this end, you understand and hereby agree that : Trinity Christian Introductions, its Leaders/Facilitators, employees, agents and affiliates will not be held responsible or liable for any reason / in any which way whatsoever, should a member misuse another member’s information at any time/for any purpose during or after relationship with any other members (including, but not limit to) any information that members might have provided to or shared with other members.